POET GRAIN Programs  09/06/19 11:37:30 AM

POET's Market Manager is our version of ADM Advantage and Bunge Alliance Advantage.  Our inhouse team of biofuel industry experts trade for you.  Here is the Status of current programs.

Updates as of August 31, 2019:
Market Manager Program 6
Market Manager Program 7
Market Manager Program 8

Preferred Pricing - Even if we are not the best bid, call us, and we'll tell you where your best bid is based on where your bin sites are and markets available to you that you may not even be aware.  We'll even send you a chart.

Flex Delivery -  Like the futures price, but not sure where you may want to make delivery.  Enter into a futures only contract with us and we'll flex the delivery into your best market when the time comes.

Futures Averaging - Don't have a lot of bushels to sell and want to make sure you don't market at the bottom?  We can give you the average futures price over a period of time.  Here is the Brochure.

Here is a review of all Macon Contracts.

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